ACNL: Horizon Dream Vision Management - Dream Address, How to Dream

11 Aug

Animal Crossing: Me Animals: The new Horizons 1.4.0 update brings many new features, including the excellent software from Animal Crossing: Leaf New and 3DS - Dream Suite! Now, you might already have a dream in New Horizons, which means you can visit some of the carbon islands to discover yours and let others know to visit. This way, you can open other islands for players when they are offline - for example, to get inspiration - and show your island without fear of people believing your flower or getting stolen.

Below we explain everything you need to know about sleep and animal movement: New Horizons, including what it takes, what you get in your dreams, how to visit an island in your dreams, and how to build your own island.

How to find a dream and cross an animal: New Horizons

Requirements: Internet connection and Nintendo Online subscription, 1x size

To dream of New Horizons, you need an internet connection and a valid Nintendo Online subscription. -You can see all types of beds; After downloading the update, you should receive the Luna bed in the mail, but whatever you go to bed will do. When you lie, you get a conversation; select "Yes, I want to sleep" to dream.

When you first do this, you will meet a tapir named Luna who created your dream scenario. Luna will dream of you before you start exploring or uploading your very own island.

How to visit Dream Island |

Your first choice if you dream of visiting other islands. To do this, you need a dream address where to go. Like the lock code or New Horizons animal crossing ds creation code, the dream address is a 12-digit "DA". Friends enter their address, want or find it on sites like Reddit and Twitter.

To enter a dream address and get to animal crossing leaf another player's dream island, follow these steps:

Lien on the couch chooses "Yes, I want to sleep."

Select "I want a dream"

Enter the dream address you want

When Luna connects you to the internet and downloads Dream Island, you are in your bed instead of your dream island so you can start navigating.

What can you do with this dream island?

While on the island, you can get to know them better, immerse yourself in the homes of locals and athletes, go to museums and talk to the locals; However, you may not be able to access employee services, Women's Power, or Nran's Cranny. Plus, you can't bring anything - the moon will keep "items" in your bag "until you wake up" - and you won't keep whatever you find on the island.

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